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Unleash your cycling spirit in North East Victoria with Switchback Stays as your basecamp. Explore the region’s scenic roads, perfect for road discipline, offering smooth rides and picturesque views. Conquer gravel trails surrounded by stunning landscapes, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience for gravel riding enthusiasts. Dive into thrilling mountain bike trails that immerse you in nature and excitement. Choose your section of the unique High Country Rail Trail as it winds its way up from the edges of Lake Hume to Shelly Station, the highest in Victoria. Refuel at local eateries offering quality food and drinks, completing your cycling adventure with a taste of the region. Let Switchback Stays guide you through curated suggestions, ensuring your cycling excursions are filled with adventure and exploration.
Yackandandah Mountain bike

Revel in the North East

– Experience the numerous mountain bike parks in the area, each with something different to offer

– Ride the High Country Rail Trail or the many gravel riding loops on our doorstep

– Enjoy water sports or a relaxing walk along Lake Hume

– Explore the many relatively undiscovered State and National Parks and experience the waterfalls, hiking trails, 4×4 tracks and lookouts

– Drive the newly developed Great River Road tourist drive along the mighty Murray River

– If ADV motorbikes are your thing, there are endless routes for all skill levels

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